The real reason why your marketing email gets opened – or not!


Marketers may sweat over compelling subject lines in emails to give them the best chance of being opened, but research from the DMA says subject lines are trumped by brand recall.

The research

The Data and Marketing Association’s Consumer Email Tracker 2021 report asked 2,000 consumers what they thought about the marketing emails they receive, and how they decided whether to interact with them.

The details

  • Brand recall emerges as the number one factor that determines whether an email is opened – cited by 68% of those quizzed. And the main reason for unsubscribing will surprise no one … too many emails!
  • Email relevance is the main reason (55%) people like branded emails, ahead of discounts and offers (53%) – even though these remain the primary reason for people signing up to receive emails in the first place.
  • Emails play a role in people storing brand information relevant to them – around half of consumers said they use their inbox in this way.


“It’s clear from our findings that email remains at the heart of brands’ ability to communicate with customers, but they also highlight how important it is to make sure that businesses understand their customers’ preferences and have a strong rapport with them” – Tim Bond, Head of Insight at the DMA.

Sourced from DMA

This article first appeared in  DMA

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