Ways to Win in Account-Based Marketing


Despite advancements in data, analytics, and automation, B2B marketing leaders still wrestle with seeding and harvesting the sales pipeline. Prospect identification, engagement and conversion efforts continue to yield poor results.

All of this has led to millions of marketing dollars wasted on misguided customer acquisition campaigns (e.g., “spray and pray”) that are expensive and don’t engage receptive and predisposed targets. Efforts could be better spent on precision prospecting practices that cull value from existing customers, whether they be loyal, under-penetrated, inactive, defecting, at-risk and/or referral sources.
If marketers wish to accelerate their demand-generation engine, they’ll need to embrace a more intelligent model. Such a model can help marketers target B2B buyers in line with their ideal customer profile, scale ABM programs, drive augmented actionable intelligence, compress engagement and selling cycles, and ultimately improve win rates and customer lifetime value.

Marketers shouldn’t simply rely on automation for lead gen, rather they should leverage technology features to build a smarter, more flexible lead-gen system. Read the attached report to know more

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