Key consumer trends for the next decade from dentsu


A growing interest in e-commerce, health and wellness, e-sports and environmental issues will have a major influence on future consumer habits, according to a report from agency holding group dentsu international that looks all the way to 2030.

Why it matters

COVID-19 has accelerated several existing trends in the marketing space, not least the embrace of digital channels for commerce and entertainment, on the one hand, and a burgeoning interest in personal well-being and healthier, more ethical products on the other. Brands will need to be aware of and, where necessary, respond to each of these shifts.

The four trends

  • As online retailers grow in size and scope – fuelled by the growth in ecommerce during the pandemic – many brands will find themselves struggling for visibility. Nearly half (46%) of Chinese consumers would likely use a single company for all their lifestyle needs.
  • Environmental concerns have gone up during the pandemic, catalysing a new wave of consumer activism. In the longer term, purchasing decisions will increasingly be based on social and ecological issues.
  • COVID-19 has fuelled appetite for e-sports and virtual gaming as consumers worry about mass gatherings. With global awareness of e-sports expected to reach two billion by 2021, the perception of sport in general will continue to evolve with “real-world” sports and activities being forced to innovate to keep up.
  • Brands have to embrace the concept of “inclusive intelligence” – the ability to incorporate new views, values and behaviours into their value proposition against a backdrop of widening inequality and ethical complexity.

Sourced from dentsu international



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