5 Reasons Your Brand Needs Its Own Spotify Playlist


A curated soundtrack will be music to your customers’ ears.

With so many businesses competing against each other in one market, it can be hard to make your brand stand out. Likewise, trying to make a statement on social media is becoming all too common. So what can you do to get attention? Music streaming services have been popular for years, but many seem to believe only major music and tech players can benefit from them — until now. 

Here are five ways to amplify your brand in an unconventional way, by creating a music playlist for your fan base. You could gain a captive audience of millions in the process. 

1. To discover new clients

Music streaming platforms are flooded with active users. With so many platforms to choose from, and the most popular ones containing millions of listeners, they’re the perfect place to reach new clients. By creating playlists on these sites, users will immediately feel connected to your brand through one common interest, music. As they get to know your business, they’ll can further connect with your brand and potentially become a new customer. 

When curating your playlist, it’s essential to make sure the music choices that reflect your company’s image. Start by designing a persona for your business. Think about the various artists and types of music they would enjoy. Keep in mind the musical tastes of your target audience. Your playlist should feature a variety of genres and artists, but avoid adding personal favorites to the mix simply because you love them. Doing this can narrow your reach and incorrectly portray your brand’s image on the site. 

2. To bring your brand’s personality to life

An entrepreneur understands every aspect of their business. They know the brand’s personality, values, goals and most importantly what makes it great. Despite knowing everything about the company, it can still be hard for a marketing team to accurately translate their vision to the customer. When a brand is able to reflect its qualities in a profound way, customers are able to recognize and relate as if your brand were another human being. Music is a great way to learn more about a person and connect with them. Making a music playlist for your brand will bring it to life and give your audience the tools it needs to further understand its personality. 

Customers who enjoy the music on your playlist are able to relate to your company on a deeper level. They sympathize with your business and might even associate your brand to a specific song they like from your playlist or bring back a favorable memory from their previous interaction with your company. 

3. To learn more about your customer base 

Music reveals a lot about a person. People with similar personality traits and interests often listen to the same genres of music. With its huge collection of songs and active listeners, music streaming platforms are also a great resource for analyzing your customer base. Most sites will give you access to the number of followers you have on individual playlists, along with their usernames and profiles. Use this information to your advantage and take the time to get to know your potential customers. 

If you notice that a majority of your followers love rock music, then add some to your playlist. Go a step further and analyze the songs your customers choose. Do they like to stay active and upbeat by listening to Pitbull or to slow down for a good cry every now and then with an Adele ballad? Whatever it may be, music is a great way to get to know your audience. Curate a couple of different playlists, see which ones gain the most followers, and go from there.

4. To save time

Entrepreneurs can spend hours of their day creating content for their business. Many companies hire other content creators to do the job, but that can cost a fortune. Unlike a content creator, creating a playlist on most music streaming platforms is 100 percent free. Not only that, but all the components of a successful music playlist for your company are already on the platform. All you have to do is put it together and make sure it accurately reflects your brand’s personality.

 Depending on how well you understand your company and your target market, making a music playlist for your business could take as little as five minutes. Using these sites will save your company money for other content but it will also allow you to allocate time for other important aspects of your brand. 

5. To mark special occasions and transitions

The beauty of using music streaming platforms to promote your brand is that the sites allow you to create all kinds of playlists. Unlike Instagram or TikTok, music streaming platforms allow users to showcase playlists without the pressure of building followers based on a specific niche. With that being said, your company can curate songs inspired by anything from products you’re selling to upcoming holidays.

Take Starbucks for example, it uses Spotify to make playlists for its cafes and customers. By creating public playlists, for dinner parties and beyond, the company allows customers to take the Starbucks experience into their own homes. Starbucks even partnered with Malala Yousafzai and the Malala Fund to create a playlist for International Women’s Day. 

Victoria’s Secret creates playlists on Apple Music. Its soundtracks are inspired by seasonal collections and brand collaborations, including one with clothing brand For Love & Lemons. 

Like musical artists, brands need to make a continuous effort to stand above the rest. It can be especially hard with today’s innovative competition, and trying to come up with cutting-edge ideas is exhausting. Exploring new mediums such as music streaming platforms can give your business the tools it needs to make a statement without having to create new content.

Curating a playlist will bring your brand to life and give your company new insights into your target market. Unlike social media, taking your business to music streaming platforms is a new practice that will set your brand apart from competitors. So amplify your brand with a music playlist that will turn your company into a hit in no time.

This article first appeared in www.entrepreneur.com

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