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Something important and unexpected happened on our Marketing Companion podcast last week. Let me set the scene for you.

Brooke Sellas and I had a chance to interview the legendary Tom Peters, one of the greatest thought leaders in business history and the author of the bestselling book in business history, In Search of Excellence. This is significant because Tom is retiring and he has declared that his latest book, Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism, is his last.

So, I regard this interview as an important show, and certainly a milestone in the history of the podcast. But something happened in this interview that took my breath away.

Sure, Tom dropped a lot of precious insights and business truths. You would expect that. But then something extraordinary happened in the last minutes of the show.

Brooke asked a final question: “Tom, you begin your new book with an urgent plea. Essentially you are saying, ‘Listen to me dammit!’ We have thousands of marketing leaders from around the world hanging on your every word today. Now at the end of your career, if you had one message specifically for marketers, what would it be?”

Tom was quiet for a long moment, gathering his thoughts. He looked off into the distance. Then, he said something so unexpected and profound that I was left speechless. And … he was SO RIGHT!

When the show was over and recording had stopped, I told Tom that this was an extraordinary piece of advice I had not heard before. He replied, “Me either. I’ve never said anything like that.”

So now, you know you NEED TO LISTEN to this show! One of the most unmissable episodes in our nine-year history. Let’s get to it:

Click on this link to listen to Episode 217

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