Magnolia Bakery Ships Its First-Ever TV Spot to Homes Nationwide


Sex and the City. Broad City. Saturday Night Live and The Devil Wears Prada. What do they all have in common, besides serving as iconic pop culture representations of New York City?

At some point, they all featured another New York City icon: Magnolia Bakery. Established in 1996, the shop has exceeded local popularity to become a nationally recognized city marker almost as identifiable as Central Park or Broadway.

Nationwide shipping has also done its part to spread the love, allowing Magnolia’s fans from all over the country to enjoy its famous banana pudding, cupcakes and more without having to trek all the way to the Big Apple—a fact that underscores the brand’s first-ever nationwide TV spot titled “The New Yorkers Are Coming,” debuting today.

Made in collaboration with creative studio Public Display of Affection and produced by Visual Country, the 15-second spot features animated versions of Magnolia’s famed treats arriving to a home kitchen away from New York. Despite being rather far “off Broadway,” as one awed cookie quips, the snacks still feel as if they have arrived.

“Magnolia Bakery is such an iconic New York brand,” PDA co-founder and creative director David Yankelewitz told Adweek. “It’s an honor and pleasure to help them go national.”

Special delivery

Though it has been shipping its cupcakes since 2012 and banana pudding since 2017, Magnolia’s delivery services saw a surge in interest during the pandemic when it opened itself to same-day drop-off to close-by residents in response to temporary shop closures and the sharp decline in travel. Goldbelly, an ecommerce site dedicated helping local restaurants ship their favored items nationwide, was also key in driving up interest.

Now, even as bakeries are back and operational, the brand continues to lean into the potential of its shipping offerings—especially with the holidays just around the corner. The spot was also a way to share the brand’s refreshed identity on a larger scale, which launched this past Spring.

“We focused the message to highlight our nationwide delivery during peak gifting demand to new consumers outside of our home markets,” explained Magnolia’s CMO, Eddie Revis. “We also infused the concept with the best of our brand’s parts like most popular products and new identity to ensure the brand wasn’t lost in the message.”

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