Canon’s photo culling app uses AI to help you pick your best shots

The software grades photos by looking at factors like sharpness and “emotion.”

Sometimes deciding when to keep a photo can almost be as tough as snapping it in the first place. Canon, however, hopes to help make the process of culling an extensive photo library down to your best shots easier and less time-consuming. It’s introducing a new app that features a computer vision algorithm that will assist you with choosing the best image in a series of either unrelated or similar photos.

The software takes into consideration four criteria when grading your snaps. It will look at whether they’re sharp and free of unsightly digital noise, in addition to examining the “emotions” on display as well as checking to see if your subject has their eyes open in the case of a portrait shot. You can set the threshold the app uses to determine whether you should keep a photograph. Once it selects a handful of winners, it will suggest you delete the rest to save space on your iPhone. You can also use the app to create albums that highlight specific dates and events from the past.

The iOS app is free to download, but you’ll need to pay either a monthly $3 or $15 per year subscription to use the software beyond a three-day trial period. Canon isn’t the first company to offer a photo culling tool. In October, Adobe added a feature called Best Shots to Lightroom Creative Cloud. Like its Canon counterpart, it too uses AI to help make culling a photo library faster. It’s also worth pointing out Best Shots comes with an app you can use to edit your photos.

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