Balancing branding with lead generation

LinkedIn Shares Insights Into the Benefits of a Combined ‘Brand and Demand’ Ad Approach [Infographic]

LinkedIn has published some new insights into the benefits of brand and lead-gen marketing, and how using both in a balanced, strategic approach can ultimately generate better results for your business.

LinkedIn has shared a range of reports into varying marketing approaches, and how brands are seeing success with each, despite significant investment in demand generation over brand presence. 

These latest findings are based on research with over 4,000 marketers from around the world, who provided their feedback on the results they’ve seen from each focus. The data shows that while B2B brands remain largely focused on lead gen, enhancing your brand presence can also have significant benefits that will contribute to your overall results.

LinkedIn has collected the data into the below infographic. Some valuable notes, worth considering in your marketing approach.

LinkedIn Brand and Demand infographic

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