Is “Performance Branding” an oxymoron?


Yep. Your branding efforts really can translate to bottom line growth.

A lot of business people seem to think that branding ads are a waste of money. As if “branding” and “results” can never go together.

Subaru’s branding ads disprove that notion. And Apple’s new commercial for its purple iPhone is a perfect example of how great “branding” ads can cross the chasm into product promotion.
What’s your brand message doing?That video is impossible to ignore.

First of all, the visual execution is stunningly beautiful. Eye candy, for sure. But more importantly, the spot is jarringly memorable thanks to the Candyman sound track.

That old song from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, circa 1971, sings its way into the deepest recesses of the human brain.

It’s, literally, a neurological trigger. From what I’ve seen on social media, people either love it or they hate it. But they sure are talking about it!

That’s what you’re looking for in any kind of ad; A big idea that’s on brand, executed in a strikingly memorable way that gets people talking. If you can do that, you’ll move a lot of product and build your brand at the same time.

The fact is, every ad and every touchpoint with a prospective buyer is branding. Whether you like it or not.

Just because a Facebook ad includes a promotional offer doesn’t mean it’s NOT branding. Of course it is.

If all of your ads and posts offer price point discounts and super savings you’ll become known as a discount brand. By default. Those ads might perform well and move a lot of product, but they’ll also cement the perception of your brand in the minds of your prospects.

So be careful.

If all you want to do is make a quick buck off a generic product with a short lifecycle, it’s not an issue.

But if you’re determined to build your brand for long-term success you have to think beyond just the next promotion.

Your ads need to have a little more meaning, and a much bigger idea.

Subaru’s brand ads have sold a lot of cars to skiers. Apple’s candyman commercial is moving purple iPhones.

Cheers to your success!

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