Children’s Apps That Collect The Most Data, Visualized


Data is collected at every corner of the Internet, and by every free and paid service you use. TheToyZone cross-checked privacy policies of popular apps that were geared towards children with Apple’s privacy details to see how invasive they each were. Here’s what they found.

Key Takeaways

  • “Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking” was found to be tracking 22 types of data, making it the most invasive children’s app, followed by “Pokemon Go,” which collected 17 types and “Animal Jam,” a game that collected 16 types of data.
  • Money management apps had the highest number of trackers overall — nearly twice as many as educational and art/drawing apps.
  • Apps that have zero trackers exist, and many can be found in the nature/animal, science and educational categories.

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kids apps types that collect data
kids games that collect data
kids social media that collects data
kids video streaming that collects data


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