For a few years now Apple and Facebook have been at each other’s throats.

The war got really nasty last year when changes to Apple’s privacy policies on its mobile operating system cost Facebook $10 billion in ad revenue.

The way Mark Zuckerberg is pissing away money on his metaverse hobby horse, he needs every ad dollar he can get. According to press reports, Zbag now has 18,000 people working on metaverse hardware and software. The 10 billion in revenue he lost to Apple’s privacy changes would have funded his entire metaverse addiction for the year.

Privacy is the issue the two companies battle over in public. Facebook makes almost 99% of its revenue from advertising — in which privacy abuse is its Unique Selling Proposition. Apple makes most of its money from hardware and software in which privacy abuse is helpful, but not essential. Consequently, Apple positions itself as privacy friendly, while Facebook pretends that it’s the friend of small business, and that privacy abuse is a necessary part of defending small business.

While some of Apple’s posturing regarding privacy is bullshit, nobody comes close to out-bullshitting Facebook. At Facebook, bullshit isn’t just a habit, it’s a lifestyle. Which brings us to last week…

Apple is under pressure from antitrust advocates who think they are guilty of monopolistic practices for having charged a 30% fee to app developers who sell their products in Apple’s app store. Of course, not wanting to miss an opportunity to be an annoying little prick, the great and powerful Zuckerberg piled on and ridiculed Apple’s greed in charging such high fees to developers…

As usual, total bullshit. Facebook announced its “revenue share” pricing for selling shit on its “Horizon Worlds” (someone shoot me) metaverse platform this week. Take a guess what their vig is going to be… 47.5%. Or as Reuters put it…

I’m starting to think you can’t trust this Zuckerberg guy.

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