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Advanced Advertising at Paramount Advertising

I have a weird job. I lead Advanced Advertising for Paramount. There are similar titles in other places, with slight variations, depending on the organization. It’s not a title I can tell friends or family and have them immediately know what I do. I usually just say, “I sell TV ads.” Honestly, it’s not a job title I can tell folks inside the industry and have them understand what I do. However, it’s an increasingly impactful job—especially as it evolves to leverage an increasing amount of data.

At Paramount, Advanced Advertising is three areas:

One: Audience-Based Advertising. This covers both linear (data-driven linear or DDL) and across addressable and digital (through our EyeQ product). Paramount’s audience product, Vantage, is the leading advanced advertising platform in the industry, enabling advertisers to optimize for audiences at scale, in one plan, across all of our distribution points.

Two: Ad Innovation. Paramount is rolling out a convergent optimizer across our entire business this year—a piece of technology that allows us to look at clients’ linear and digital spend together, and tailor our activation strategy for convergence. It effectively moves frequency from over-exposed households to under-exposed ones, creating more value for every advertising dollar entrusted to us. This technology was born from Vantage, and will be offered to our more traditional buyers at no premium. 

Three: Currency and Measurement Innovation. How can we best leverage the big data-backed offerings from new measurement players to better manage inventory and improve advertiser results? What does a multi-currency marketplace look like, and how do we get there?

Paramount is the market leader in new currencies, executing VideoAmp, Comscore and guaranteed campaigns in numbers that are orders of magnitude larger than our competitors. And we’re sharing our knowledge by publishing a technical blueprint. This world is changing starting with the 2023/2024 broadcast year, and Paramount is here to ensure that these four words ring true for us and our clients: we will be ready.

Most importantly, it’s not just data targeting, or big data optimization, or new measurement alone that makes our Advanced Advertising so groundbreaking. It’s the combination of these things that drive results. And by results, we mean double-digit increases in incremental conversion for our advertisers.

I have a weird job. It’s hard to explain. But, at least according to me, I have the best job in the world: I lead Advanced Advertising at Paramount.

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