Consumer sentiment and behavior continue to reflect the uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis.

As consumers around the globe adjust to the next normal, there is significant variance in consumer sentiment and behaviors across countries.
Heading into the fall season, there is a renewed sense of caution as coronavirus cases soar in parts of the world. While the uncertainty from COVID-19 persists throughout the globe, its impact is felt differently across countries. As a result, there is significant variance in how consumers respond to the crisis and adapt to the next normal.While these themes hold true across the 45 countries we have tracked through the crisis (see sidebar, “About our surveys”), the following exhibits focus on a subset of 13 core countries, selected because of their economic significance and the impact that COVID-19 has had on their populations.

1. Shift to value and essentials

Consumer sentiment varies greatly across countries impacted by COVID-19. Consumers in China, India, and Indonesia consistently report higher optimism than the rest of the world, while those in Europe and Japan remain less optimistic about their countries’ economic conditions after COVID-19. Except for Italy, optimism has declined throughout European countries, in line with the rise in confirmed cases since late July.

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