Social Commerce Is Primed to Go Mainstream (Survey)


Older social media users are more likely to drive social shopping to its tipping point

With social networks expanding their offerings and marketers increasing their investment, social commerce seems primed to go mainstream. Digital commerce consulting firm Sumo Heavy Industries surveyed more than 1,000 social media users to explore the consumer side of the market and why they might be ready to shop on social.

As social media has matured, so has its users. Among those surveyed by Sumo Heavy Industries, nearly 60 percent of people aged 60-plus reported using social media daily, while 66 percent of those aged 45 through 59 reported the same. Almost 80 percent are on Facebook, 29 percent are on Instagram and/or Pinterest and 18 percent were using Snapchat. These older users tend to be more engaged with social marketing and could drive social shopping to its tipping point.

Indeed, consumers are already responding to the push of influence on social sites: 25 percent use social to find product information, and 50 percent reported that social influences their purchase decisions. Additionally, users are happy to become brand advocates when they find good information; 62 percent even have shared information about products and offers on social sites.

The future of shopping and influence has already pivoted to social media. The groundwork has been laid: Now marketers and online retailers need to provide education to help build trust and work to remove technological barriers to purchase.

For more information, view the infographic below or download the full report.

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