Affinity @ Scale: Making An Impact In A Personalized Context


If you’ve been around marketing for the last half decade, you know about personalization at scale. In some ways, it’s been thought of as the Holy Grail. And it makes sense. We live in an Amazon-ified world, one where we expect the digital platforms that we use all and every day to cut-and-paste everything for us, just as we’d like it.

At the same time, like the villain in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, we may have chosen the wrong chalice.

Wired, the Bible of the tech world, recently offered a strong dissenting opinion, opining that AdTech might just be the next bubble. Why? It turns out that microtargeting is far less accurate and far less effective at persuading consumers as made out to be. Personalization has been the de-facto foundation of digital advertising, but cracks have started to become visible.

What’s gone wrong? Why has personalization— and, at large, the promise of digital advertising— failed to truly deliver yet?

It’s time to take it personally. For brands and marketers who manage to deliver true, effective personalization, the opportunity is there.

Affinity@Scale is Ogilvy’s answer to the next era of personalization, a combination of human insights and data signals in the pursuit of understanding how a brand can show affinity to people and lead into action through the many lenses of a brand’s idea.

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