Programmatic set to be even bigger this year


Programmatic Advertising is Skyrocketing: 66% of Advertisers Plan to Boost Ad Spend

Looking for the next big thing in social advertisingProgrammatic, or automated, advertising is where the money is going.

According to a recent AdRoll report, 66 percent of advertisers polled said they plan to increase their programmatic ad spend in 2016.

Why? The report notes that 87 percent of marketers are seeing greater return through programmatic adversing compared to traditional media buying.

Adam Berke, AdRoll’s president and CMOcommented on the findings in AdRoll’s State of the Industry report:

Marketing is becoming an increasingly technology driven discipline, and practitioners are being held to higher standards of measurement and accountability than ever before. It therefore makes sense that marketers and business managers want their advertising efforts to be driven by the same innovations in data science, AI, and automation that have driven advancements in other parts of the modern enterprise. The results from this survey make it clear that 2016 is staged to be a massive year for digital advertising, and programmatic technologies will be the driving force.

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Other findings from the report:

  • 32 percent of marketers spent more than 50 percent of their budgets on programmatic in 2015
  • Programmatic social ad buying is now 50 percent more popular than programmatic display for B2C marketers (75 percent of all B2C marketers polled are using programmatic)
  • 1/3 of marketers are now using programmatic ad buying on mobile
  • Retargeting jumped from 54 percent to 82 percent this year; 87 percent of marketers said they will spend more on mobile retargeting in 2016

While most advertisers polled really want to see retargeting come to eBay, social networks such as Pinterest and Snapchat are also where they’re looking:

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Readers: What are your thoughts on programmatic advertising?

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