Most consumers don’t know what the metaverse is, but are interested in taking part


The majority of consumers do not know what the metaverse is but are still interested in taking part, according to a survey across nine markets by GWI.

Overall, just 37% of people said they are aware of the term ‘metaverse’ and know what it is. In comparison, 33% said they are aware but do not know what it is and 30% said they are unaware altogether.

Awareness falls significantly among those aged over 45 – just 18% of this group said they are aware of the term at all.

Despite this, most consumers are still interested in participating. One-half (51%) said they would take part in a metaverse while 25% said they were not sure. The remaining 24% said they were not interested.

Gaming is one of the key reasons for participating in a metaverse, with it making online gaming more popular being the most common reason for taking part (43% of those interested in participating say so). It making content creation easier/more popular (41%) and it improving social gaming (40%) are also popular reasons for participating.

Additional research shows consumers interested in the metaverse are also receptive to brand and sponsor content.

For brands, there is an emphasis on storytelling and creating more meaningful experiences with consumers. However, the concept of a metaverse is still a broad vision at the moment and it may end up as something fundamentally different to the current discussion.

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