How This Company Used Instagram Marketing To Become A Leading Fitness Brand


Lukas Kurzmann, David Kurzmann and Thomas Mark are three entrepreneurs who, in just three years, turned an unknown sports nutrition company into a multi-million dollar business. Today, their company Women’s Best is a globally recognized fitness brand that boasts over 3.5 million Instagram followers and hundreds of thousands of loyal customers.

What is their secret? The following delves into five key strategies the founders used to build an ecommerce juggernaut.

  1. Focus On Building A Community To Build A Brand

From the beginning, the founders of Women’s Best focused on creating an online community. As Lukas Kurzmann puts it, “whether a supporter on our social media bought our product or not, we are always happy to have them in our community, give free tips and daily motivation.” This strategy has paid off as millions of people follow Women’s Best online and, as a result, the brand is able to quickly engage members of its target audience to promote new products.

Perhaps more importantly, Women’s Best was able to build a brand with loyal followers from day one. Launching a successful business requires customers who value the brand in and of itself. By focusing on creating an online community through Instagram marketing, Women’s Best has developed loyal followers who appreciate what the brand stands for and are willing to support the company on an ongoing basis.

  1. Use Analytics To Optimize Content

As legendary management consultant Peter Drucker once wrote, “what gets measured gets managed.” In this case, the minds behind Women’s Best not only focused on building a community through social media, they used analytics to understand the preferences of the community.

Specifically, David Kurzmann said in a recent interview, “some of the most important metrics to follow while evaluating your Instagram performance are: the amount of reach you have achieved in the right marketing segment and how this impacted your website traffic and the amount of positive feedback/reaction you receive.”

In short, David is advocating that entrepreneurs associate specific social media posts with website visits and sales. That way social media marketers will better understand what content truly resonates with their target audience, making it easier to engage followers in the future.

  1. Tell A Story With Every Instagram Post

The Women’s Best founders knew that each piece of content published on a social platform would help followers understand what the brand did and did not stand for. To that end, Lukas Kurzmann says that they “defined the message they wanted to deliver and made it clear to themselves” before deciding on what content they would post.

In other words, before curating a social media presence, founders must first do the important work of defining a brand voice. Only once the voice is defined is it a good idea to post on social media.

  1. Harness The Power Of Influencers

One recent study found that roughly 95% of marketers who engaged in influencer marketing thought it was successful. “Brands should consider working with the influencers that match their message and share the same vision as them,” says David Kurzmann.

Influencer marketing is only a good idea when there is a strong fit between the influencer and the brand. When you are just starting out, seemingly any influencer can work; fight against this temptation and partner only with personalities who fit the voice of your organization.

  1. Dare To Expand Your Influence Across Social Networks

Though Women’s Best was built thanks in large part to Instagram marketing, the founders are focusing on expanding the reach of the brand to other social networks. When asked about what other channels the team was exploring, Thomas Mark indicated that the team is focusing on delivering more valuable and professional videos on their YouTube channel.

YouTube is a match made in heaven for a health brand interested in providing women with informative information about fitness. Find new social networks that align with the voice of your brand, and with the usage patterns of your target audience. Then develop a thoughtful strategy.

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