Creating A Marketing Masterpiece – Great Plan & Disciplined Execution


So often we as Marketeers get excited about a brilliant idea from our creative agencies. Expectations run high in terms of changing brand perception, growing market share- acquisition of more clients, deepening the share of wallet with existing  clients and ultimately getting clients  and staff  to become ambassadors of the brand. 

This often does not materialise, one has to have a solid strategic plan and a disciplined execution plan in place that includes marketing, advertising, communications and change management. 

Let’s talk about the plan. In all of my highly successful campaigns, I found the construction of a detailed plan to be a winning formula.  The plan should ideally include the following:

1.     Advertising channels: to avoid wastage and ensure effectiveness of your ad/s, be ruthless in choosing 3 to 4 channels and ensure optimal spend on each channel. Use previous data to choose the optimal channel mix.

2.     Think digital first; digital channels are paramount. The big creative idea needs to be carried through for digital. Remember, you need to have an ‘Always On’ mindset.

3.     Below the line advertising mix , the big idea needs to be carried through for this channel. use test and learn methodologies. Create champion and challenger campaigns. Segment groupings of potential clients to ensure correct messaging. PS. Timeous Request for data/ data mining is essential.

4.     Communications, both internal and external PR. This is the most inexpensive way to convey your message. Don’t forget change management with the value chain stakeholders.

5.     Above the line (ATL), below the line (BTL) and through the line (TTL) thinking is important.

6.     Socialise plan/obtain approval from key stakeholders. This is a crucial milestone!

Disciplined execution using “marketing sprints”

I found the most effective way to succeed  is to implement “marketing sprints.” As a first-line approver, this ensures consistency in the message and mix, and managing your time efficiently. 

–       Identify work streams.

–       Each work stream to schedule an initial sprint session to present their strategy.

–       Once approved, at key milestones/ approval /guidance points, the work stream has to book a sprint slot.

–       All work streams present top-line status at a weekly alignment session.

–       Don’t forget to make provision for link testing of your ads prior to implementation date.

–       Non-disclosure agreements to be undertaken with key personnel to ensure no market leakage or competitor advantage/ambush.

Create learning environments were all team members want to be and feel included. 

Have fun and celebrate your awesome ads that’s on time, within budget with an  extraordinary launch! Monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns hourly, daily, monthly, weekly and publish post campaign results. Don’t assume a media schedule guarantees your ad being flighted. 

Rule of thumb:

Dream big 

Go slow to go fast.

Value the process more than the event

Always remember ‘The pride lasts longer than the pain’.

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