Why should your company invest in video-driven marketing campaigns?


With the introduction of video auto play on Twitter, the launch of video ads on Facebook and the rise of live streaming services, such as Periscope, video is an area of marketing that went from strength to strength in 2015.

With 85 per cent of customers more likely to purchase a product after watching a company video, it’s an area that cannot be ignored.

By 2017, video will account for 69 per cent of consumer internet traffic and the potential reach of a video is monumental thanks to its ingrained shareability (we all know the impact a viral video can have).

If you haven’t already, now’s the time for your business to start investing in video marketing to help bring your campaigns to life.Why should you use video to get your message across?
Scientists have proven that as a species, we respond much better to visual data displays than any other types of data, as the human brain can process visual information 60,000 times quicker than text. 90 per cent of information that is retained by the brain is visual.

So if you want consumers to process and remember your message, a strong video marketing campaign is the way forward.

Consumers are more likely to share, comment or like a video than any other type of content, and are 24.7 times more likely to click through video ads than non-video ads. A report from Digital Content Next found that 22 per cent of people who watch a video will visit the website mentioned in it, and 12 per cent of people will purchase the products described in the video.

Worried about the costs?
Gone are the days when a Hollywood-style budget was needed to produce a captivating piece of video content and you no longer have to be a creative whizz to figure out the editing process.

Any marketing team with a flair for creativity, a clever script and some careful planning can produce great video content. A compelling, relevant message to share with your audience is much more important than the highest quality picture.

There are a variety of low cost applications and tools available to make the process of filming and editing a video easier and an array of low cost cameras and other budget equipment available for marketing teams that are beginning their video campaigns.

The future of video marketing is even more exciting
As we have seen, video marketing is a great way to attract new consumers to your business and your products. Its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning and its future looks to be even more exciting.

Interactive video will become more and more common this year. New technological advances have made it even easier for marketers to turn videos into a lean forward, choose-you-own-adventure type of experience. Data collection forms, surveys and questionnaires will all contribute to a completely personal and tailored experience.

Content individualisation will use shared information to weave the viewer’s name, interests and even social media picture into the video they are watching – even more of an incentive to begin harnessing its power today.

Video marketing is quickly becoming an essential part of the marketing strategy for a whole variety of different companies. The trend shows no signs of slowing down this year, with over 70 per cent of UK companies increasing their video marketing budgets for 2016.

With the right research, planning and creativity, you too can use video marketing, whatever your budget.

Lights, camera, action!

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