If your brand was a dog, what type of canine would it be?


Dog breeds have well-known personality traits. Or at least, behavioral tendencies.

Brands are harder to pin down. Very few are pure bred.

Most brands operate more like mutts, with an unknown pedigree and a wide variety of traits, tendencies and influences.

That’s a good thing. That implies a balanced brand personality.

The question is, does that dog hunt in your particular niche?

A submissive little Shih Tzu brand isn’t going to work well in an industry like waste management or criminal law.

On the other hand, a pit bull brand doesn’t really match up with a day care business or a pediatric practice.

(Keep that in mind when you’re thinking about the brand personality and corporate culture you’d like to build.)

Problems arise when a big dog CEO hires a bunch of other Dobermans. Pretty soon the culture can get a bit snarly.

If the CEO’s a submissive little Lassie, it’s best to bring in some more dominant blood for balance and support.

What about your brand? Does your brand personality resemble any of these popular breeds?

Labrador Retrieversare loyal and a little lackadaisical.

Vacation is their specialty. They’ll lay around until the master gives them a very specific task. Fetch! They’re very good at that. They always deliver.

Yorkies are on high alert, at all times.

They’re small, but agile. They’ll dart every which way and chase every little varmit of an opportunity that comes along. They’re sharp and energetic, but easily distracted. Squirrel!

Australian Shepards are constantly herding things.

They want to work! To them, work is play as long as they can boss something around. Aussies lead well, as long as others stay in line. They don’t work well in isolation.

Pit bulls are aggressive and unpredictable.

Tenacious and territorial, Pit Bulls never quit. Pity the competitors that try to steal market share from them.

Poodles are social animals.

Pretty to look at and not to be ignored. They’re smart, aloof and somehow superior. #1 in the market.

Of course, we’re all completely biased about our dogs. Every dog owner believes her breed is the best. The same can be said about our brands. It’s impossible to be impartial.

So the next time you’re out walking your best friend, consider what outsiders may think about your brand personality. Is it well defined, purposeful and easily identified, like a St. Bernard? Is it aligned with your operation and authentic?

Or is it just a dog.

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