YouTube and Deezer are the most popular audio streaming platforms



An overview of global audio streaming platforms by consumption and penetration in 2018.

  • Over one-third of global internet users have used the YouTube platform to stream audio.
  • Deezer has edged ahead of competitors, with nearly two hours of daily average consumption.
  • Spotify recorded the largest year-on-year growth in users, at 5%.


The YouTube platform is the most popular for streaming audio but users spend the longest time on Deezer, according to the latest data from GlobalWebIndex. In 2018, over one-third (37%) of global internet users used the YouTube platform to listen to audio, well ahead of the 4% penetration rate recorded for YouTube’s premium, ad-free Music service.While the YouTube platform’s penetration was far higher than others, its daily average consumption was far lower. Users spent only one hour and 17 minutes each day on the service in 2018, more than half an hour behind competitors. All other platforms recorded similar consumption levels, with a difference of only nine minutes between them.

Likewise, despite Deezer taking first place for daily consumption (with listening on the platform close to two hours per day in 2018), it recorded the third lowest penetration at 5%. Spotify recorded the second highest reach, at one-fifth, and the largest user growth rate, at 5% above 2017 levels. Although Pandora registered the lowest global reach at 3%, it is currently only available in the US.

Music streaming, particularly on mobile, is an area of growing importance for consumers, accounting for nearly 20% of online time in 2018. For advertisers, targeting capabilities are core to the growth in digital audio adspend. Rising consumption of podcasts and penetration of smart speakers is only likely to further this growth.

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