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Lyft teams with Wieden+Kennedy to get people to say ‘yep’ to the rideshare

For many in urban areas, driving through traffic has become less than desirable, and that’s the attitude Lyft and Wieden+Kennedy New York are trying to address with a campaign that aims to convince people that riding with Lyft is a better way.

Lyft has begun rolling out its newest brand campaign with two humorous video spots, ‘Nope/Yep’ and ‘Yep, You Can.’ The spots, directed by director Tom Kuntz (Old Spice, Apple), are live across digital and social platforms and local broadcast in select markets.

In ‘Nope/Yep’ a driver is stuck in a traffic jam on a freeway. He gets an idea and says, “Nope, not today” as he jams the car in reverse. He backs by scenes of urban driving chaos, like standstills and accidents, shaving drivers, pushy auto salesmen, and a radar gun-wielding cop, saying “nope” to all before backing into his driveway. A Lyft driver picks him up and he starts saying “yep” to everything, like music, celebrating after closing a deal, having a few drinks and generally having a more relaxed life.

‘Yep, You Can’ finds a Lyft driver telling prospective riders that if they use Lyft, they’ll be saying “yes” to a lot more in life. He then points out all the ways different people say “yes” in various settings, from truckers to surfers to sullen teens.

Both spots end with a tag encouraging people to download the Lyft app and ride. A Lyft blog posts stated that the two spots are just the beginning as Lyft’s brand team kicks off 2019.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to building the world’s best transportation, Lyft wants to give you the freedom that comes with riding — so you can start saying ‘yep’ to more things than ever,” stated the post.

See both spots by clicking on the Creative Works box below.

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