Tosh Speech BOT: The BOT that has GOT it all!


True to the Toshiba tradition of being at the forefront of pathbreaking technology and an early adopter, here is yet another first from the mega Japanese brand. The Tosh Speech BOT. Integrating Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Text To Speech Technology all of which is tightly hinged with the Toshiba Call Centre and its IVR System. That’s the essence of Tosh Speech BOT . The BOT that has GOT it all.

“Distilling and analysing conversational behaviour, their intent and offering solutions without the need for customers repeating themselves is a key metric of the Tosh Speech BOT . Be it vide an IVR or the Call Centre. Truly designed to augment the customer journey, reduce friction and deliver speedier and desired customer experience, the BOT is a refreshing and vitalising interface that delivers the next level of customer success “, remarked Santosh Varghese, Vice President, Toshiba Gulf LLC.

As a brand at the forefront of technology, we believe (through the power of R&D and market intelligence), in anticipating trends and changes and offering products and solutions to address emerging and fast changing customer needs”,  Santosh Varghese, Vice President, Toshiba Gulf

The Tosh Speech BOT has been developed in partnership with Intentico Inc., a Cognitive Customer Experience company based out of the USA.

To summarise what the Tosh Speech BOT would do, it delivers Proactive customer interaction, propels increased customer engagement, offers 24/7 support to customers, drives Pre-Trained and Progressive customer service with product and service information and demonstrates conversational maturity with different types of customer behavior.

A couple of highlights to bear in mind about the Tosh Speech BOT would include its built in Context Retention Module which can retain the context of the user. For eg, in case a user talks about hard disks and has follow up questions, he/she need not repeatedly refer to the product (hard disk) but converse with the BOT which will retain the context. Moreover, the BOT also has Speech tweaks, accent tweaks for the BOT to engage convincingly and comprehensively with the Middle East diaspora.

For all those wanting to establish connection with the Tosh Speech BOT, the Call Center Number to reach out is 800-TOSH ( 8674) .

The Tosh Speech BOT : Welcome to the new NEXT!

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