Kodak captures special ‘moments’ in its latest campaign


At one time, Kodak ruled the world of technological disruption with its camera and film developments. The advent of the internet and online photo sharing in turn disrupted Kodak’s business model.

But the film company that introduced the world to point-and-shoot cameras and even digital cameras is trying to bring back some of the magic (remember the carousel pitch from Mad Men?) with its latest ‘Moments’ campaign.

Kodak Moments is the digital consumer photo-printing business from the larger Kodak brand. For the first time, the brand is launching a multi-million dollar marketing ad campaign, highlighted by a creative collaboration with Martin Parr, a Magnum photographer known for his work highlighting how people live. One of his key messages is that the growth of social media has created an over-commoditization of images, where individual moments seemingly have lost value and authenticity.

The Kodak Moments Project captures eight different groups of families and friends uninterrupted, capturing them docu-style in unscripted, everyday moments. The goal, according to Kodak, is to communicate that the moments that matter are supposed to be spontaneous and appreciated, as opposed to planned and voyeuristic. The groups are diverse, and the focus is on the human connection. The concept is that the ‘Kodak moment’ is still alive and thriving.

Several spots highlight those everyday moments, including ‘triple dog dare moments’ that highlights a child trying to shove a whole hamburger in his mouth, ‘butterfly moments’ that features an Indian wedding, and ‘make believe moments’ where two kids play with cardboard rolls and masks.

Kodak noted that the phrase ‘Kodak moment’ was recently entered into the Oxford English Dictionary.

The campaign will include short videos and still photography that will run on outdoor, digital and TV. See all the video spots by clicking the creative works box below.

Accompanying the creative, Kodak Moments is also launching a fully commerce-enabled platform across its app, website and in-store kiosks with new products and capabilities. Made For You combs through your smartphone and automatically surfaces moments that may have been buried in your camera roll, then allows them to be printed on Kodak Moments products and mailed anywhere, all in a few clicks. With Moments Assistant (a Facebook Messenger bot), a person can interact with it using natural language to uncover, share, print and send Facebook photo memories, almost instantaneously and without leaving Messenger.

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