Don’t sweat the new normal


As consumers rewire their habits and lifestyles thanks to COVID-19, marketers should take the opportunity to focus and get the basics right, says Seth Godin.

How so? 

  • Not every consumer is a customer. Seek out the smallest viable audience and bring them something that works for them, but that probably isn’t going to work for other people.
  • Craft a story of real differentiation – and one that isn’t based on price (that’s a race to the bottom and if you win you have to stay there).
  • Be consistent, not authentic. “No one cares about what you authentically believe, they care about what you consistently do. If you are consistent, we will call that authenticity.”

Key quote

“If you are a marketer, macro trends aren’t your problem and you should ignore them” – Seth Godin, author and entrepreneur.

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