13 recommended agencies with global capability 


As part of The Drum’s Globalization Deep Dive, Cat Hartland, head of The Drum Recommends, shines a spotlight on independent agencies with global capabilities that come rated and recommended by their own clients.

The Drum Recommends is a free service designed by The Drum to help marketers easily navigate and find relevant, trusted agencies, all based on their specific criteria and the ratings we receive from clients that have already worked with those agencies. 

Every year, The Drum Recommends receives thousands of ratings from the clients of agencies subscribed to the service. Clients complete a survey asking them to score and comment on the agency’s overall performance, including ‘client service’, ‘strategic thinking’ and ‘effectiveness, as well as the specific services they’ve used, such as ‘SEO’ or ‘brand activation’. 

The unique rating system within the platform enables us to identify agencies that come recommended for specific services and performance, which brand marketers can trust to source new agencies. In order to become recommended for these services, agencies must receive a minimum of three client ratings above a set threshold. 

Here, we pick out 13 of the best-rated agencies with global offices…

Adeo Group

Country locations: UK, UAE

Headcount: 23


Country locations: UK, USA

Headcount: 10


Country locations: UK, USA

Headcount: 45


Country locations: UK, USA

Headcount: 35


Country locations: UK, UAE, Japan, Australia

Headcount: 85


Country locations: UK, USA, UAE, Spain, Netherlands, China, Australia

Headcount: 53


Country locations: UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Brazil

Headcount: 200

Rika Digital

Country locations: UK, Bulgaria, Netherlands

Headcount: 15


Country locations: UK, UAE, Ukraine

Headcount: 80


Country locations: UK, USA, Colombia

Headcount: 250

The Big Group

Country locations: UK, Netherlands

Headcount: 150


Country locations: UK, Germany, Canada, Australia

Headcount: 75


Country locations: UK, Australia

Headcount: 20

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