Samsung Galaxy campaign looks to ‘The Future’ with a soundtrack from the past


Doris Day sang the song Que Será Será back in the 1950s, but Samsung is giving the song new life as the soundtrack to a spot that is anything but stuck in the past.

‘The Future’ shows how the features of the Samsung Galaxy are charging ahead, which juxtaposes the laissez-faire attitude of the classic song with the brand’s forward-thinking innovation.

Samsung is launching the brand campaign to kick off a year that will both celebrate the 10th anniversary of Galaxy smartphones and set the foundation for its next wave of products.

The anthem spot showcases the potential of technologies to come — seamless multi-device experiences, artificial intelligence, radical new displays — and teasing Samsung’s 5G products and foldable display technology not yet available to the public. It shows makers like designers and tattoo artists and how Samsung will benefit them, as well as gamers. It even shows an at-home ultrasound feature on one device.

Leo Burnett, in collaboration with Human Music, reintroduced a recording of ‘Que Será Será’ to a new audience by remixing it with booming bass and hi-hats underneath. The team played with multiple genres of the classic song but creative instincts led them back to the magical charm of Doris Day accompanied by Frank De Vol and his orchestra.

The campaign launches globally on 8 February.

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