How DOOH Analytics Are Changing the Marketing Playbook?


Advertisers lose $51 million a day to ad fraud. Some 65 percent of people skip Online Video advertising as soon as they can. A quarter of the U.S. internet users block ads completely. Seeing these statistics, it’s not surprising that brands are seeking out alternatives to mobile, web, and TV advertising. That’s where we can look at DOOH Analytics!

A shift in spending on DOOH Analytics

Digital screens in outdoor spaces, called Digital Out Of Home (DOOH), (or media not on the web, mobile devices or TV) are one of the major beneficiaries of the shift of advertising spend in this category expected to hit $4.5 billion in 2019. PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that DOOH advertising revenues will overtake traditional media spend in 2020.

A number of factors are driving that growth, including the ability to better measure and summarize exposure, impact, and attention time through analytics that continues to evolve. One of the oldest forms of advertising, simple static billboards, is now just as measurable as some of the newest ones, and new networks are extending the value with data-driven campaigns that speak directly to consumers’ interests.

New metrics, new engagement

DOOH has long been a one-way medium, broadcasting content to a target audience in a particular context, whether at race tracks, ballparks, restaurants, or gas stations. But whether that audience connected with the content—or whether they even glanced at it—was unknown. Now, advances in Technology and Analytics are changing that.

Smart cameras allow brands to measure exactly how engaging their content is. Brands can then dig into the demographics of the viewers – helping them understand the makeup of their audience through things like gender and age. Best of all, smart cameras can measure attention time – the holy grail of DOOH metrics – which signals true engagement.

Data-Driven media buys and targeted campaigns

With attention time and other engagement metrics in hand, brands can more efficiently spend their advertising dollars. Real-time A/B tests help them put dollars behind content that’s resonating with fans rather than content that appears to disengage viewers. Even better, brands can sponsor or develop more content that stops fans in their tracks and keeps their eyes focused on the screen.

Stadiums, in particular, are leveraging this technology from the entrances to the concession stands, opening the door to better content and advertising that captures fans’ attention.

Extending brand message across new networks with DOOH Analytics

Leveraging DOOH Analytics, brands can achieve economies of scale by leveraging networks that allow synchronous advertising campaigns across screens at multiple locations and venues, such as ballparks. Through a single sponsorship asset, brands can run a continuous campaign in every venue on the network, across DMAs.

That allows national and regional brands to connect with local consumers in new ways. With access to metrics like Attention Time and Demographics Data, brands can better read different markets and what campaigns have been most effective, targeting audiences by interest, demographics, and context in DOOH the same way they are via other channels.

What the future holds for Analytics with DOOH

Where mobile, web and TV advertising are failing, DOOH is succeeding. Advances in technology have brought the real world up to par with the online world, allowing many of the same analytics and ROI calculations to help brands justify their spend and refine campaigns around what engages their target audience.

Analytics technology is rolling out in venues around the world. With the obstacles that so many other channels are facing, including ad fraud, ad blocking, ad fast-forwarding, DOOH offers an engaging, measurable, and valuable alternative. No wonder so many brands are starting to pay attention.

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