Apple brings memories to life in new push


A Painstaking Archivist Lovingly Curates a Family’s Photos in Apple’s Film Promoting iPhone Memories

Kodak had Kodak moments, and now Apple has iPhone Memories. The company is promoting the latter, available on iPhone 7, in an emotive new spot that focuses on a family and their photographic mementoes.

The film opens with an elderly archivist walking through a “memory vault’ filled with millions of images and reels of film. (However, these aren’t any old photos — the people in the photos come to life, Harry Potter-like, when he touches them.)

As he skims through the various collections, he selects images from the past year that reflect the memories a young mother has of her family, including her new baby. He strings the best photo and video images together to create a movie, which is revealed as a video the mother is watching on her iPhone Memories, together with music — the soundtrack is a soulful cover of “Unchained Melody” by Lykke Li. So, it turns out Apple is this mythical archivist, curating your images for you in a matter of seconds instead of spending painstaking hours developing photos and cutting film.

According to Apple, the family featured in the film is based on a real-life Spanish family; the young couple fell in love after working together in a play and subsequently have had two young children.

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