This App Generates Emoji Raves. You’re Welcome


No party like an Emoji Party! Literally, none.


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Some weeks it seems like we’ve definitely over-exhausted the novelty of the emoji craze. Other weeks, it really feels like we’ve only just scratched the surface. A couple of days ago, SFMOMA released a pretty brilliant SMS service that conjures up artworks from their permanent collection with a simple emoji request. Today, we bring you Emoji Party: an interactive-website-slash-glyph-rave-club created by designer and developer Charlie Clark. It is as alluring as it is terrifying.

Emoji Party is best experienced firsthand. Basically, when you visit the site you’re greeted with an undulating wave of repeated yellow emoji faces. (It’s the same emoji repeated over and over again, but the emoji is different every time you visit the page.) Moving your mouse moves and clumps the emoji waves in a way that’s both unsettling and weirdly satisfying. Club music is pumping in the background.But this is your own personal Emoji Party, so you can invite whatever emojis you please–per a toolbar with all of the Unicode emojis on the right. (In a clever feature, the emojis will also show up in the URL.) You can choose multiples, so throw the rose in with the tulip and all of the other emoji flowers to make a trippy floral tableau. Create a dancing emoji weather forecast or a red devil-based rave scene that will haunt your nightmares. A word to the wise: Body parts like hands and eyes will unnerve you. In that vein, the eggplant emoji is not advised.

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