Ten Apps That Will Improve Your Marketing Team’s Productivity In 2017


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More and more CMOs are finding themselves overwhelmed by the mounting responsibilities they have to tackle every day. However, though the modern world generates a lot of stress, it also provides relief. Technology, when correctly used, can help alleviate some of the burden of responsibilities.

If you’re looking to reach your full potential and increase your daily productivity in the new year, here are 10 apps that are guaranteed to help you get more done.

1. Accompany

Remember the scene from The Devil Wears Prada in which the Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt characters help the Meryl Streep character identify various guests at a luxurious gala? Well, the Accompany app can be your Hathaway and Blunt. We are always meeting people. After a while, it can be hard to keep track of them all. As your personal chief of staff, Accompany keeps track of your contacts, codes your emails based on priorities and delivers daily briefings.

2. Slack

No matter which industry you end up in, teamwork is inevitable. Slack aims to minimize the inefficiencies that accompany working with other people, who have busy schedules and messy agendas of their own. Slack cuts through the red tape and puts all the tools you need in one place, so you never have jump back and forth among apps again.

3. Buffer

Social media is a powerful and complicated tool, and harnessing its full potential can be tricky. Buffer will give you more time to craft your social media content. The platforms this app is aimed for include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Now, with Buffer, you can choose when to post your content and to which platform, and choose the caption to go with it ahead of time, allowing you to update on the go.

4. 1Password

Every site has its own password requirements, and keeping track of all your different passwords can get complicated. 1Password gives you a “master” password that allows you access to all the other ones in your life. It is incredibly secure, convenient and helpful for the busy person. Thanks to 1Password, you can free up that memory space to focus on the more important tasks on your to-do list.

5. Workflow

The number of apps out there can be overwhelming. Sometimes all you want is the basic simple commands. Workflow gives you the minimalism your hectic life requires by combining apps that have similar functions. It also creates easy-access shortcuts using widgets. As its website boasts, “It’s like making your own apps, but a million times easier.”

6. Pocket

Have you ever come across a particular post or snippet of content online and were interrupted before you could fully engage with it? Maybe you didn’t get to finish the article you were reading. Or maybe you saw an Instagram post that you thought your friend would find interesting. Pocket allows you to bookmark media content on the go, and metaphorically slide it into your pocket for later perusal. It is compatible with IOS, Android, Kobo and any web browser.

7. MailTime

Every day, we are inundated with countless emails. It seems like the busier we are, the more terrifying our inbox becomes. One of the most frustrating things about emailing now is the thread, which so often makes the conversation difficult to follow, especially on mobile software. MailTime transforms email conversations into the format that text messages use. Now you can stay updated on your latest emails without having to sort through a tangle of threads.

8. Toggl

Have you ever needed to keep track of how long you are working on a project for payment purposes? Toggl allows you to time yourself as you work in real time. Simply turn it on when you begin work and turn it off when you’re done. You can pause for breaks, organize your work into different projects that are clearly and attractively labeled and send reports directly to your employer or patron. You can even track offline and add subprojects.

9. Square

Thanks to the internet, more people are selling products online to make extra money. Square allows businesses of all sizes and types to process credit card purchases and make these transactions easier for all parties involved. Square accepts Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express, and makes deposits into your bank account the next business day. Their product also works with both the chip and the magnetic strip.

10. UberConference

Most companies use video software to conference-call partners, employees or clients from across the world. However, in many cases, the connection is spotty, and the call inevitably collapses into a whirlpool of overlapping chatter. With UberConference, no pin is required to join. Easy-to-view profiles show you who is talking when. Screen sharing is easier than ever. It is also fully compatible with mobile devices, so you can conference with your team on the go.

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