Personalized Ads? Consumers Tell Marketers to Up Their Game


Consumers don’t mind the idea of personalization

Consumers say they like personalized ads—just not the personalized ads they’re seeing today.

According to a February 2017 survey from Adobe Digital Insights, less than one-third of respondents said they did not prefer personalized ads. By contrast, more than a third—and more than half of those under 50—preferred personalized messages.

But the ads need work. Roughly a third of respondents ages 18 to 49 said that while they like them, they’re not good enough. Older people were even more negative about the quality of personalized ads these days.

The outlook may be getting a little better for those impatient consumers: Advertisers say they are getting better at personalization.

A December 2016 survey by Monetate found that over half of senior marketers worldwide said they were in the process of implementing a personalization strategy. And roughly three in 10 respondents said they were just starting out.

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