Oath Announces 4 New Ad Formats on Mobile, Including AR and Savable Coupons


The Home Depot and Pottery Barn are testing some of them

As Oath continues to consolidate its many offerings and bring new products to market for its ad clients, brands like The Home Depot and Pottery Barn are testing some of its new ad formats.

Today’s consumers “expect more from advertisers and marketers need the right tools to build brand love,” according to Oath’s CRO, John DeVine, in a statement.

Nearly 70 percent of Oath’s total audience visits its portfolio of sites on mobile devices. With that in mind, the company is trying to make a “mobile-best and consumer-first” experience with these four new formats:

The first format focuses on augmented reality and showing users what various items would look like in their homes before they purchase them. This immersive ad experience can be seen in Yahoo Mail, where it’s being tested, and other platforms of Oath content.

A new native format is also being tested with a full-screen canvas. These ads across all Oath mobile apps like Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Weather, HuffPost and more are partnering with Intuit to test their results. They will be interactive and encourage engagement.

The third format functions as a utility for deal-seeking users. It will allow them to save coupons or deals to their mobile wallets for later. Once it’s saved, brands can provide additional offers in the future via lock-screen notifications.

The last new format is a richer form of social advertising. With real-time photos, videos and custom hashtags that can be displayed on Oath’s properties, this would bring social media-related messaging outside the typical news feed.

“It’s critical for both our consumers and for our advertisers,” DeVine said. “When it comes to mobile, we want to deliver top notch ad experiences for our users. For advertisers, we’re designing mobile ads that solve real challenges, whether it’s using AR to do better storytelling or creating a more effective way to connect a brand’s coupons and deals to a consumer’s mobile wallet for their next purchase.”

Owned by Verizon, Oath encompasses Yahoo properties, AOL, Tumblr and many other sites. These four new formats will be available across most of those platforms.

This article first appeared in www.adweek.com

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