Netflix’s Ad Featuring A ‘Person’ In An Incubator Is Freaking People Out


Netflix’s bus stop billboard on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood is creeping out pedestrians and passers-by.

The creepy advert showcases what looks like a human body trapped inside a plastic bag. Upon closer inspection, it even appears to even be “breathing.”

The billboard has been attracting much attention from members of the public, with some even stopping to poke the unusual ad.

The marketing stunt was erected to promote Netflix’s new series Altered Carbon. The show—based on Richard K. Morgan’s novel—is set 300 years in the future and has been released worldwide on the streaming platform.

This isn’t Netflix’s first marketing stunt for the show. Earlier this year, Netflix fooled the public with eerie, realistic-looking “lab-grown humans” at CES 2018.

[via The Drum, images via IT’S TRAILER TIME!]

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