McDonald’s arching out for Road Safety this Ramadan!


The Holy Month of Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar and is considered pious and sacred by Muslims throughout the world.

It indeed is a time for introspection, looking inward, bonding, immersing in the local culture, soaking in the tradition of community, sharing & giving and generally spreading faith, trust and harmony amongst people. It is also a sacred time for benevolence and helping the needy through donations and charity and a wonderful opportunity for the large number of expats living here to absorb the spirit of the Holy Month in it’s entirety and learn from the essence it articulates.

It has been observed that the Roads are not the safest during the Holy Month especially during Iftaar (when the devout break their sunrise to sunset fast). The Safety First campaign initiated by by McDonald’s has indeed caught the imagination of both the local community & expats alike. Conscious of the fact that lip smacking images of their meals will be a major distraction for people who are fasting, McDonald’s had adopted a creative approach- rather than the usual food images, the brand has emphasized purely on safety first as the core message across multiple billboards and OOH locations across the country.


To reinforce and supplement the message used on OOH Media, McDonald’s are reaching out to as many people as possible via radio broadcast as well. Such has been the effectiveness that this meaningful and very relevant/timely communication has gone viral across social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

The campaign has definitely caught our attention and therefore we fully endorse this public benefit message on the blog.

Ramadan Kareem.

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