Ikea’s New Ad Is A Pregnancy Test You Pee On. Really.


“Peeing on this ad may change your life,” promises Ikea in a new print campaign. It may be the first time in advertising history that such a promise is actually an understatement.

In a new print ad developed by the agency Åkestam Holst, expectant mothers are urged to urinate right on the paper. And if they’re pregnant? There are no red or blue lines to squint at. There’s simply a new price under the old one: 50% off a new crib appears right on the page for Ikea Family members. On the minus side, it seems you still have to sign up for the Ikea Family discount to get the deal. On the plus side, that saves you from handing a pee-soaked piece of paper to anyone at Ikea.

The ad was developed in conjunction with Mercene Labs, which formulates all sorts of surface coatings for various industries. In this case, one such coating was applied to a small box on Ikea’s ad–a small box that, again, one is supposed to pee on.

Ikea is no stranger to functional ads. Another recent campaign was essentially an edible cookbook, with printed recipes on parchment paper that you could toss right into the oven. But this does appear to be company’s first move into urine-related content. Then again, having weathered two kids-worth of bodily fluids myself, the ad hardly feels shocking to me. I’d pretty much pee on anything to get a deal on some Scandinavian baby furniture at this point.

[Photo: Åkestam Holst/Ikea]

This article first appeared in www.fastcodesign.com

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