How ‘Tangential Content’ Can Elevate Your B2B Company’s Link-Building


Links remain crucial to search engine optimization. But it can be tough for B2B brands to build links, especially when nothing major is launching or a large corporate-level change isn’t occurring.

But there are ways to build links throughout the year regardless of what is going on internally. The way to do that is to create your own news and resources that are interesting to publishers.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. But I’ll explain how “tangential content” is key for doing so and how you can incorporate it into your content and outreach strategy.

What is tangential content?

 At Fractl, we define tangential content somewhat related, but not directly tied to, your product or service offering.

There’s a sweet spot between content’s being so related to what you do that your content sounds like an ad—and being so unrelated that people can’t figure out why you created it in the first place. Tangential content lies in the sweet spot between the two.

Let’s look at an actual blog to compare topical content with tangential content. The following are some examples of blog posts from SquareFoot, which I learned about when its head of marketing came on our podcast to talk about tying content to revenue.

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