How Do Clients Find Your Advertising Agency? Think List.


I just reread this 2018 post and I laughed when I realized that I had left out a couple of ways that clients find advertising agencies. Both of these highly-searched websites require that you have a master plan for how to leverage their unique platforms. The platforms?

Google and LinkedIn.  Passive marketing does not work for either.

OK, back to the original post. There are multiple ways that a prospective client will find an advertising agency. These range from very aggressive agency outreach to highly intelligent outreach (yup, two different approaches) to your inbound program to your agency reputation to being on the radar of search consultants to simply getting found on the day that new client wakes up and says, “How can I find my new advertising agency” and locates an advertising agency list.

While you should have a very intelligent account-based marketing business development program, you must be available when a client searches via an advertising agency list.

There is an extra benefit of my list. Use the list to find your competitors and their best marketing practices. These lists will help you find the winners.

The List Of Advertising Agency Lists

Here is a quick look at the advertising lists you should be on. Some will be easy, some will require a bit of work. But, you need to be able to be found.

Wikipedia’s List of Advertising Agencies. This list is not just the big boys.  An example, Tombras group from Knoxville is on the list.

AdAge’s A-List. Look, there must be some way that AdAge finds these agencies. Maybe you should think about letting the editors know that you are alive.

AdForum. Hey, this is what they say and I’d imagine that clients pay attention… “AdForum’s Global Directory of Advertising Agencies is the advertising industry’s premier resource for learning about agencies in the USA, Europe, Asia, Oceana, and MENA. Our interactive map identifies agencies according to region and core competencies – ranging from digital marketing and social media
strategies to mobile app development, brand engagement, and product design.”

AgencyList. Why not be here? You have to dig this fact… “Agency List has 1st page Google exposure in over 45 major cities.”

Digital Agency Rankings. This list goes from Steak to Huge.

My Loud Speaker Marketing.  Here’s a list put up on Medium by an L.A. SEO agency. Smart move on their part to get Google’s attention for their own agency.

AgencySpotter. This is an active list. They carve out agencies on lists including New March 2018: Top 20 Web Design Agencies.

IPA. The UK’s IPA has a large list of British advertising agencies. It is one of my favs when it comes to seeing what the smart UK agency market is up to.

Levitan. Yes, my very own list of 34 advertising agency search consultants. The link goes to the list and some of my thoughts on how to get on search consultant radar.

The 4 A’s. This is a two-parter. If you are a member, you are on their list. But, you also want to be on the list of the 4 A’s search consultants list.

The Creative Ham. Really, how could you not be on this list? From the Ham… “We aren’t aiming to create the largest directory of advertising agencies (that would be madness). We’re hoping to put together a list of the most creative agencies across the country. Big agencies and small agencies are both welcome, as long as they make creativity a priority in their work.”

Business Journals. My example… Minneapolis. These local business newspapers, part of a national group, list local advertising agencies. You must be on this list.

Campaign. Another UK list.

MOZ. Are you an SEO specialist? This is a sweet list for you.

AdWeek. Clients like awards and will often search for agency awards to get a third-party recommendation. Here is a list that you should aspire to get on.

American Advertising Awards. Another more local award list. Formally the ADDY’s.

Award Winning Advertising Agencies. A big list… global and local. get on their list: “If your award-winning interactive agency would like to be included in the Award Winning Interactive Agency Database, please complete the following form.”

WINMO.  An important list… “Winmo is constantly tracking top advertising agencies to help empower your prospecting needs.”


If you know of more super special lists, let me know. Thanks.

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