Black and white logos ‘can win companies more business’


BRITISH businesses could attract more customers and save money if they opt for black and white in their branding, according to new research.

The survey carried out by has revealed that black, white and grey are the best colours for company branding as 65% say that they would take a company using these greyscale colours in their branding more seriously.

The research quizzed 1,000 UK adults on their personal perceptions of colours and revealed companies who use greyscale (black, white or grey – 65%) for their logo or branding are received more seriously than those who use primary (red, yellow or blue – 24%) and secondary colours (green, orange and purple – 11%).

Often associated with sophistication, authority and luxury, black is used by many successful companies in their branding worldwide and it can be perceived as formal and powerful.

The research found companies should avoid using brown, yellow and orange in their branding as the data found these were the least favoured by consumers.

Logos featuring secondary colours (orange, purple and green) and red could work out as more expensive in the long run as these are printed using a combination of CMYK – the four inks frequently used during the colour printing process.

Previous research shows 90% of client and consumer judgement is based on visual perception, and a further 80% of consumers believe that colour increases brand recognition. spokesperson, Andrew Davies, said: “It’s very interesting to explore the psychology of colour and the emotive perceptions that each can stimulate with individuals. Colour psychology is widely used in business on an international level, even though it is not an exact science.

“First impressions are made in the first seven seconds of meeting someone and this needs to be kept in mind when constructing a brand, too – it is often the first thing a client or customer will see.

“The research has highlighted black as the best colour for UK businesses to use in branding, but obviously whether or not companies act on this entirely depends on the audiences they are targeting and their brand values.”

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