He didn’t guarantee any championships, but look how that played out

Just before LeBron James made his debut with the L.A. Lakers, Nike dropped this ad recounting the NBA champ’s storied career.

The video begins with a 2003 interview featuring James, after the Cleveland Cavaliers landed the then-NBA Draft Lottery top pick. When asked by a reporter how much pressure he felt in his new role, “There’s no pressure,” he answered. “There’s no pressure at all. I’ve been getting pressure since I was ten years old. I’m doing something that I love to do.”

I’m not going to guarantee no championship, I’ll tell you that,” he asserts. But the ad then cuts in scenes revealing how that declaration played out: back-to-back championships with the Miami Heat, and then, the first-ever title for the Cavaliers in 2017 following James’ return to his original team.

The film then goes on to document James’ increasing influence in culture–not just in sports but also as an activist and business leader–while setting the stage for his next story with the L.A. Lakers. Featuring the late Aretha Franklin’s “People Get Ready,” it ends with the tagline of Nike’s continuing campaign: “It’s only crazy until you do it.”

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