Advertising gets Arab mums all wrong


Eight in 10 Arab mothers feel they are not accurately represented in the advertisements they see, according to new research. 

Why it matters

As the primary shopping decision-makers, Arab mothers are a target audience for brands in many categories. But the ‘Marketing to Arab Mothers’ study, from media company Webedia and advisory firm Native, reported by Arab News, finds that all too often those same brands appear to have a very superficial view of their lives and desires. Ultimately, that lack of understanding could lead to a decline in metrics like brand trust and brand loyalty. 

Key findings 

  • Almost half (46%) saw “zero resemblance” between their identity as an Arab mother and the image presented to them in adverts. 
  • More than three-quarters (77%) said they feel misrepresented by the adverts they watch.
  • Two-thirds (67%) said the image of their life portrayed by commercials does not reflect their reality.
  • Two-thirds (66%) said they are starting to focus more on themselves after years of catering to the needs of everyone else in their lives.

Key quote

“A good starting point (for marketers) is to put genuine effort into deeply understanding Arab mothers and finding a human role for the brand to play in her life, which cannot be achieved by simply observing her online behaviour” – Ahmad Abu Zannad, founder and lead strategist at Native.

Sourced from Arab News

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