Absolut Vodka Made An Ad Where Everyone Is Naked And It’s Hilarious


“In their latest ad, Absolut employees (real, actual employees) take us behind the scenes of their factory in Åhus, Sweden, to show how their unique process produces Absolut’s legendary vodka. And they do it naked. It’s a metaphor.

Not many companies are down with the whole transparency thing. But when you have nothing to hide, it’s easy to share your sustainable ethos, progressive practices and C02 neutral distillation process. Turns out, it’s pretty funny to share, too.

Absolut serves up a reminder that, at least for them, quality and sustainability are synonymous. As a chaser, they prove that a nudity-laden liquor ad can be charmingly wholesome”. Watch it for yourself here.

Absolut Vodka makers have nothing to hide with their production process. In fact, they shot their newest ad at their factory in Sweden, with their actual employees, who are completely naked. Like we said, nothing to hide.

This article first appeared in www.digg.com

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