20 Surprising Things You Can Do With Google Search


You can get really specific about the Google search results you want, as well as the ones you don’t.

Googling has become second nature to most of us, with many people consulting the search engine dozens of times per day.

The company’s flagship product is powered by a plethora of algorithms designed to dole out the most relevant results for anything we type in the search box. But sometimes, it takes special syntax and a little digging to find exactly what you’re looking for. To wrangle Google search, you must first understand how precise you can get with the tool, then learn what to type in or what settings to adjust to achieve that level of precision.

Google search is a major resource for discovery, with a Trends page that shows you what related searches others have entered and how interest has waxed and waned over time. Search also has plenty of bells and whistles to help you complete certain tasks, such as currency conversations and package tracking, to save you a few clicks to a third-party’s website.

Click through the slideshow to become more fluent in Google’s language and learn what the search engine can do for you.

This article first appeared in www.entrepreneur.com

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