10 Ways to Make Your Marketing Meetings More Productive [Infographic]


Most marketers will be involved in about eight meetings per week. Sound like too many? These tips can help you cut down on unnecessary meetings and get the most out of existing ones.

Before you plan the meeting, consider whether one is needed. “Question meetings and whether the same outcome could be achieved in other ways: conference calls, circulated memos, or individual conversations,” suggests SilverDoor in the following infographic.

If a meeting is needed, send attendees an agenda for it at least 24 hours in advance. “Include a clear summary as to what is to be discussed,” suggests SilverDoor.

Moreover, “state agenda items as questions,” recommends the infographic. “This is a proven way to stimulate thinking and creativity as most of us like to challenge a question and want to answer it.”

To find out more about how to make meetings productive, tap or click on the infographic.

This article first appeared in www.marketingprofs.com

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