Toshiba ups the ante; goes down memory lane !

When you are a brand with a legacy of being at the intersection of perpetual innovation, R&D and consumer insights, you are always setting the trend and calling the shots. Exactly what champion brand Toshiba is doing with it’s Down Memory Lane initiative.
” Life gifts us precious moments, many expected, some unexpected, a few surprises etc that are treasure troves of bliss and happy, ever lasting memories. At Toshiba, we wanted to create deeper meaning and embalm them in a manner wherein they remain preserved and idolised for a long, long time. Down Memory Lane with Toshiba is yet another pioneering initiative that the brand has delved into to ensure that we pay heed to the most beautiful moments of our life , be it the birth of a first child or her university graduation ceremony or a golden jubilee anniversary or just the thrill and joy of receiving an unexpected gift or seeing a long time friend.Through Down Memory Lane with Toshiba we are encouraging people from all walks of life and situations to share their best moments(either through images or videos) and have the chance to not only look back but look ahead to winning exotic holidays, DSLR cameras, resort stays, University Scholarships etc etc “, stated Santosh Varghese, Vice President, Toshiba Gulf.
A more comprehensive understanding of the concept can be had by visiting and anyone avail the opportunity of becoming storytellers through the magnetic power of images and videos. Open to one and all across multiple geographies be it the GCC, S Africa, N Africa, Levant etc. #DownMemoryLaneWithToshibais the destination on Instagram where uploading of images and videos can happen.
” As humans, everyday we are always either rising to the occasion or making an occasion. We traverse through a spectrum of emotions feeling happy, excited, anxious and more. These varying emotions best tell our stories. And the stories of our near and dear ones. And those become entrenched as memories. Down Memory Lane with Toshiba has been conceptualised and engineered by ISD Global as an inspiration meets happiness meets nostalgia meets memories meets rewards. The care to share journey that can energise and excite, reflect and ponder, enable and edify”, avered Suresh Dinakaran, Chief Storyteller, ISD Global.
The possibilities are endless. Feel free and let your imagination take over. It’s time to go down memory lane.

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