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In an increasingly inter connected and always on world, where every individual is a content creator or media platform by herself or himself and brands are making it a regular practice to resort and rely on UGC (user generated content) for reaching out to customers, Crowd 9 hits just the right chord. Crowd9 brings together a global community of creative czars wanting to do cutting edge, meaningful work with brands seeking a refreshing change and new perspectives for their brand campaigns. It’s a very happy confluence of two sets of communities respecting and needing each other. The portal has just had a soft launch this week and the initial response has been very encouraging is what we are given to understand.

Often times brands have been at the wrong end of the stick- they are stuck to one advertising or creative agency who at best offer one or two options on creative ideas or campaign development which in a lot of cases are sub optimal. But because of contractual obligations or global system network practices, brands do not have the flexibility to explore beyond. Crowd9 acts as the manna from heaven and gives brands the empowerment to choose from a large resource pool of highly creative professionals, spread across the world who bring in incredibly new thoughts, ideations and perspectives hitherto not available to the brand/s.

On the flip side, the creative community across different geographies get opportunities to work on global brands- which in a conventional scenario they would not have been able to. Freedom, flexibility and freewheeling ideations dictate the essence of and an ideal two way street is created for brands and the creative community to feed off each other.

“ It’s an anti agency model, no doubt disruptive but the time has come to get this going. It’s very unfair for brands to be chained to a very small cluster of branding and creative minds which is what the conventional brand-agency partnership model follows. With Crowd9, the prison walls come down and there is absolute total freedom for brands and the creative communities to collaborate and grow together with no restrictions on whom and where you source your creative ideations from or no constraints on who can contribute and from where. Classic two way street, in every sense”, avered Suresh Dinakaran, Group CEO, ISD Global the organization behind

With crowd sourcing and crowd sharing becoming a respectable and relied on activity, the concept of Crowd9 is indeed timely. For the creative community, it makes geography truly history. An ad film maker in Bombay can actually create a concept for a brand from New York, Dubai or Singapore. For brands, the vast resource pool available at any given point in time emboldens them to take new creative risks without breaking the bank (brands pay the fees only if the work submitted is accepted).

So if brands and the creative community want to stand out from the crowd, is the destination to be at.

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