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JetBlue fuses social media, real-time data via interactive billboard

JetBlue Airways is the first brand to build a campaign around a new digital billboard that interacts with mobile for real-time data pushes, ramping up social media discussion with a chance to win a free flight.

JetBlue will be sharing specific hashtags on a new digital billboard in New York and giving away free flights to keen consumers with smartphones on hand. The innovative billboard will feature real-time data updates from JetBlue to promote its TrueBlue loyalty program and credit, providing a visual depiction of how users can travel faster with the credit card.

“To demonstrate just how efficient the new JetBlue Card is at getting you there ‘Faster Than You Think,’ they have partnered with OutFront to create the world’s first Liveboard, pulling in multiple real time data feeds to help New Yorker’s visualize just how quickly they can actually get to their destination,” said Phil Ma, manager of brand advertising and content at JetBlue Airways. “To make the board engaging, JetBlue is awarding round trip travel to the first viewer to tweet the unique hashtag on display at pre-determined times.

“At JetBlue, we believe in doing things a bit differently and we wanted to highlight this in our campaign,” he said. “We launched the new card with two TV spots, a digital campaign and out of home.

“Unlike other airlines, we actually want to improve your trip and not just get you from point A to point B. “

Outfront Media is the developer behind the ON Smart Media’s Liveboard.

Billboards and smartphones

The dynamic billboard is showcasing how much more convenient it is to travel with the JetBlue Card, by calculating and providing a visual of the time needed to catch a flight out of John F. Kennedy airport. The Times Square billboard is operating through a mobile application, and has the capability to engage users with mobile devices, prompting social media discussion.

JetBlue consistently interacts with customers on Twitter

JetBlue is continuing the theme of speed for the campaign with a push on the billboard that encourages passersby with smartphones to share a tweet that incorporates a specific hashtag and tag the brand. The first Twitter user who shares a post with the hashtag will receive a voucher for a free JetBlue flight.

The New York billboard will share a new hashtag three times through the day. Users walking by the billboard will be able to win by quickly sharing a post prompted by the display.

The Liveboard connects to a feed of data that leverages traffic, airport lines and JetBlue flight information to provide an accurate portrayal of the length of time it would take to board a flight at JFK.

Jetting with mobile marketing

JetBlue also recently created over 100 pieces of content shareable across social media as it focuses on furthering the conversation around how to relax while raising awareness of its commitment to entertainment innovations (see more).

The brand partnered with Amazon to bring the ecommerce giant’s Prime Instant Video service to airplanes, enabling fliers who are Prime members to access tens of thousands of television shows and movies via their mobile devices while in-flight and further augmenting the airline sector’s move to mobile-enhanced entertainment systems (see more).

The airline’s billboard campaign is the latest in its futuristic marketing initiatives.

“Customized hashtags are triggered to appear on the Outfront Liveboard at three specific times per day,” said Andy Sriubas, executive vice president of strategic planning and development of Outfront Media. “The first consumer to see this hashtag that appears on screen and tweet it to JetBlue wins a free flight redeemed via Twitter.

“What makes this program so unique is that the Outfront Liveboard is autonomously tabulating travel time from Times Square to 25 JetBlue destinations in real time via the ingestion of traffic and flight time APIs,” he said. “All of these dynamic tabulations and rules are happening within an APK built by Outfront On Smart Media and JetBlue’s creative team.”

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