HACKcellence Fest: A virtual Davos for the student community


The Toshiba Kioxia pioneered HACKcellence Fest is a committed, purpose filled initiative to establish a Davos for the student universe in M East, Levant, Indian Sub Continent & all of Africa, a virtual meeting of young, bright minds coming together to discover tangible solutions to solve real life problems”. Conceptualised by branding evangelists ISD Global Dubai and enhanced by Middlesex University Dubai, the HACKcellence Fest saw a series of weekly mentoring sessions pioneered by seasoned stalwarts from diverse verticals in the region mentor students closer to the realisation of their visionary ideas. With over 650 submissions from students, the inaugural edition of the HACKcellence Fest truly lived up to its promise of championing innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the student community in the M East, all of Africa and India. Take a look at some of the videos from these mentoring sessions.

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