Delta’s Dating Wall is an Evolving Piece of Branded Art


The #DeltaDatingWall, a product of the partnership between Delta and dating app Tinder, revamps the airline’s current Brooklyn walls. The building displays the airport codes of the 133 different destinations that Delta flies to out of both The John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports. Each airport code is unique, composed of certain colors and objects that represent that location. For example, the “F” in FRA (Frankfurt International Airport, Germany) resembles a mug of beer, and the cow/ ice cream cone represented in the BTV (Burlington International Airport in Vermont) artwork is only fitting for the home of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Now that you have a head start, Delta is also asking passersby to find these particular distinctions and share them on Instagram with the chance of winning a prize.

delta wall 3

One of the primary purposes of this installation is to acknowledge and appreciate the different hometowns of people in the NYC area. Delta did an incredible job celebrating each of the specific hometowns by recognizing what gives them their distinct personalities. Delta has extended this artwork to social media by implementing the Instagram challenge, a Snapchat filter, a Facebook shoppable post (in the works), even an online store where you can purchase different types of merchandise (shirts, mugs, and hats) with the airport code graphics on them. This fresh paint job will live on the #DeltaDatingWall until August 27th.

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This space was originally used for a different purpose—to trick your Tinder match into thinking you’re a world traveler. Earlier in the summer, Delta painted exotic locales of places they fly to for selfie opportunities with the objective of bolstering your Tinder profile (hence, “Dating Wall”). While most people probably weren’t fooled, the installation became widely successful nonetheless. Because of this, what was expected to be a one-off promotion, has evolved into a continuing activation for the Delta brand.

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